Family Constellations

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Family Constellations

A profound and impactful way to disentangle the lines of energy that sometimes hold us hostage and keep us from living our most fulfilled life.

Powerful unseen forces hold the members of a family lineage together, creating ties of invisible loyalty. When these forces become entangled, creating blockages in the lineage system, these can cause members of the lineage to be loyal to unwritten rules and norms in ways that are detrimental for the present.


Family constellations are useful in highlighting areas that may not have been brought to light before, and in illuminating the next step in the healing journey. The picture formed in a constellation is ideally a simple and clear depiction of the problem situation, and in seeing this, healing often takes a leap forward.


Itta is an experienced systems worker, and using intuition developed over decades, she channels the guidance coming from the ancestors and assists you in forming the next step in your healing journey.


To inquire about a facilitated constellation of your own lineage please click here.


To join a constellation and represent the members of a lineage (not your own), please click the button below to see a list of all currently upcoming events, including constellations.


Payments are made in cash on the day or via EFT.


Max Participants : 3Fee : R1,500
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