Sat Sangat Teacher Development - Level 2

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Sat Sangat Teacher Development - Level 2

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Course Introduction:

Deepen your understanding of the Yoga Sciences or start your journey to becoming a teacher. Itta Roussos leads certified, structured and modular courses for level 1 and 2 teacher's training.

Course Description:

Level 2 teacher development focuses on taking the yoga practitioner on a deep dive into self-development. The goal is less on imparting teaching skills and more on the ultimate aim of yoga, which is self-realisation, or merging with the divine within. This training builds a platform of svādhyāya, or self-study, and each module in Level 2 deepens the trainees’ understanding of a particular area of self-study according to the philosophy of yoga.




Tantric Goddess Darshan: The Rise of the Sacred Feminine


Darshan means to have a vision of a holy person or a Deity. This level 2 training works with yogic tools and philosophy to understand and invoke the aspects of wisdom that are retained in the ten Tantric Goddesses. We study each aspect in depth and apply the tools and technologies to invoke this wisdom within us, and to use the wisdoms actively to usher in this new age.


We are in an age where the Sacred Feminine is on the rise. We see this in many areas of group consciousness in our species. One of the most evident of these is the rise of many more female-energy oriented beings as spiritual leaders in different traditions of healing and spirituality, ancient and contemporary. If we look around a yoga class, or a yoga training globally, or indeed any spiritually oriented training, we will see on average a thirty-to-forty-to-one ratio of female to male. When we include those who inhabit a male body and identify as female, this ratio becomes even greater.


Healers are, in ever-increasing numbers, re-turning to subtle energy techniques to supplement and complement the gross energy techniques that have colonised healing methods for at least the past two hundred years. We gather in community more and more, applying cumulative energy to assist and heal each other in a return to an ancient, circular, shakti-energy (female energy) technique of healing in groups.


After a long age of persecution, oppression, and outright destruction, the Rise of intuitively healing, nurturing and growth-oriented, expanding, and empowering Female Energy Oriented leadership is undeniable.


This Level 2 training gives us the tools, the inner discipline, and the experience to maximise our capacity to rise with this movement, standing side by side and shepherding those who come after us. We hone our leadership skills and stand in the vanguard, midwifing, and adding our numbers to the rise.


The return to intuitive wisdom and the harnessing of subtle energy does not depend on the destruction of the gross technologies belonging to waking consciousness. The patriarchy and patriarchal methods of healing have provided us with a powerful structure (absent before) of testing, and proving value and worth. The destruction of subtle energy technologies belongs to an age of fear and colonisation, an “us-or-them” mentality which is outdated and harmful. A female-energy-oriented understanding is to mutually support and complement for the benefit of the whole. The yogic way is to transcend opposites. There is no health when there is polarisation. This is not about destruction of the patriarchy in favour of something else. This is about recognising the subtleties and learning how to bind these with our will and focus. And using this skill in practice to add immeasurably to our human body of healing knowledge.


Participant Limit:



Live Online

Module Format:

Six days from 5am to 5pm

Module Objectives:

This module harnesses the wisdom in Tantra. The tools learned in the training are powerful and easy to use. The format of six days is just the beginning of a 96-day process. At the end of six days of live online training, study groups are required to meet twice a month to discuss and perform the homework processes. A written assessment completes Level 2 requirements.

Many study groups carry on meeting long after the three months have passed, having created a supportive and nurturing group environment in which spiritual development is held.

Module Description:


Each module works with the five basic questions of the study of yoga:

  • What is the composition of the body and how does it function?
  • What is prana, what is its relationship with the physical body, and how does it interact with the body?
  • Why does prana exist in different forms and what is the reason behind the creation of matter and the other elements?
  • What is the soul and how can we experience it?
  • How do we attain transcendence and what is it that we need to transcend?


Each Level 2 module considers these questions through a different lens. The seven modules of Level 2 are as follows:


Communication: Shabd and Nada


Tantric Goddess Darshan: The Rise of the Sacred Feminine


Advanced Pranayama and Prana Vidya: Raising Your Prana


Meditation: Theory and Practice


Yoga Nidra and Brain Chemistry: Harnessing Unlimited Potential


Hatha Pradipika: Advanced Asana, Mudra, Bandha


Understanding the Vedas: Healing Consciousness


For full Sat Sangat Level 2 certification, 300 classroom hours are required. Students may select six Level 2 topics to be certified as a Level 2 teacher. The prerequisite requirement for entry into a Level 2 module is a 200-hour yoga teacher certification from a recognised accreditation body.


If you would like to join in the next Level 2 module please fill in the form below.



Final Words:

Level 2 is a deep dive into the self. Use this opportunity to expand the Teacher within and grow your light in our world.

Course Fee:

ZAR10 500

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