BIPOC Healing Retreat in Paris

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Marcelle Claquin is my student since 2016, and a yoga therapist in training with Sat Sangat. Marcelle lives in Paris and teaches therapeutic yoga to people of African descent and people of colour who live in France. Marcelle arranged for me to run a healing retreat in Paris with her students in May 2023. Due to the success of that experience, we are holding a three-day live-in retreat in April this year.

Sat Sangat and Our Potential intend to raise the funds to train those participants showing aptitude and interest as yoga teachers and healers. There is lack of access to training for BIPOC living in Europe who do not have the required financial exchange. After centuries of colonisation, many BIPOC find themselves in Europe living in subpar conditions, suffering from intergenerational trauma, and lacking access to the necessary knowledge and training in self-care.

Since the retreat in 2023, Sat Sangat has sponsored two participants (who can speak English) on the Sat Sangat Level 1 teacher development training program, and they are now halfway through their training. There are many more who have shown interest and are keen to have the training with French translation. If you are able to assist with this in any way, please contact me:

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